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Teen Time
Wish List

Help us! Teen Time needs your help to make this summer as unique and fun as it can be for the kids and how can you help us do this? It's easy! If you have equipment you can donate to the camp, or have friends or connections with businesses that have access to these things and the ability to donate them, we ask that you would please help Teen Time this year by donating supplies you can find.

You will receive a tax receipt for any donations over $10.00


Items we need for summer 2018:
Picnic tables / benches.

Screwdriver kits
Electric saws (chop saw / mitre saw),
Measuring tapes, levels & squares
Lockable tool boxes.
New nails and screws.
Air gun nails coil or strip

Lawn maintenance equipment:
Good working condition:
Riding lawn mower
Gas push mower
Gas weed whacker
Gas chainsaw

Good running pick up truck for use around the ranch. (auto tran)                                                                                           


Heavy duty appliance dolly

Small portable space heaters

working freezers & fridges

Heavy duty vacuum cleaners

Canoes & Pedal Boats

Flat deck / utility trailer

New or gently used Gas powered rototiller or cultivator

Regulation sized volleyball net

Storage bins (bins with sealable lids, milk crates)

Sturdy steel shelving

Winter Items:
Snow shovels
Ice scrapers
Broom ball equipment (brooms, nets, balls)
Snow shoes
X-country ski equipment.

Items we need yearly:
Archery equipment (arrows, bows, targets)
Sporting equipment (soccer balls, basketballs, Frisbees etc)
Rainy day activities (new board games, playing cards etc)
Beach toys (noodles, flotation items, sand toys etc)
Arts & Crafts (new craft equipment: scissors, glue guns, markers etc)

If you have any of these items new or gently used please contact our office. If you have something you think we can use and is not on our list please give us a call. Thank You.

Teen Time of Edmonton