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Teen Time
About Josh

Josh (Pookie) has been attending Teen Time since 2008!
When he first attended camp, he actually worked in the barn, with the horses!
Fast forward to one year later, Josh worked at the Ranch during Spring Staff and began his first full summer at camp. During Josh’s early years at Teen Time, he attended NAIT College and graduated with a diploma in Biomedical Engineering Technologist. While he was in school, he continued to support Teen Time by joining Countdown (the youth program in the city that Teen Time offers) and attended many retreats as a volunteer. Josh eventually graduated and had an amazing career in Biomedical Engineering, but felt like something was missing in his life. After missing his first summer out at camp because of work, he knew that working with youth was his true passion, and decided to go back to school. After 4 long years, Josh graduated from Vanguard College, with a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and a Major in Youth Ministry. Upon graduating Josh took full-time hours at Jiffy Lube, as well as became part of a team, that made up 1/3 of the Youth Coordinators at Teen Time. As Josh continued to work with the youth, showing his love and passion for Teen Time, his understanding grew and it enabled him to engage with the youth of Teen Time on a new level. During this transitional period, Josh was closely mentored by Todd Seatter, our past executive director. At the time Josh did not realize that Todd was preparing him for the role of Program Coordinator.

When Josh is not working in the office or at the Ranch, he can be found fishing, hunting, golfing and enjoying the outdoors. 

Teen Time of Edmonton