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Teen Time
Fall Winter Spring Teen Time Retreats

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2018-2019 Fall Winter Spring Retreat Schedule

Retreat Ages Date Price / Max Capacity
Halloween Retreat 12-14 Nov. 2-4 $25 / 60 Campers
Countdown to Christmas 7-11 Nov. 30 - Dec. 2 $25 / 60 Campers
New Years Retreat * 12-17 Dec. 29 - Jan.1 $60 / 80 Campers
Snow Days 7-11 March 1-3 $25 / 60 Campers
Junior High Retreat 12-14 March 15-17 $25 / 60 Campers
Spring Fever 14-17 May 3-5 $25 / 60 Campers
Spring Up 7-11 May 24-26 $25 / 60 Campers
Countdown to Summer 7-11 June 7-9 $25 / 60 Campers

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*New Years retreat does not follow the traditional Friday - Sunday Schedule.

 Please look at your confirmation form for dates.

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B.L.A.S.T 1 Coed

Teen Time offers an awesome one-of-a-kind staff training program called B.L.A.S.T (Basic Leadership And Staff Training) Are you interested in learning how to build and develop your leadership skills? If you are 14 years of age and up you can take part in our BLAST program. BLAST program deals with four main areas of development: social/relational, intellectual, spiritual and physical aspects of life.

We want to encourage and challenge you in all these areas and to help you to see how these tie into your daily lives and out here at camp. Each day you will participate in orientation sessions, team building exercises, devotionals and of course there will be a lot of time to hang out and to build relationships with the leaders and your fellow BLASTer’s. Learning how to build relationships and how to work as a team will be a huge asset in becoming a great leader.

B.L.A.S.T 1: November 16-18, 2018 $100

Transportation fee $15.00

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B.L.A.S.T 2 Coed

Like BLAST 1, BLAST 2 will be more in-depth. Building off the foundation that was built in BLAST 1. BLASTer's will learn more leadership skills and continue to grow spiritually.

You will continue to learn about camp rules and regulations and why they are important.

BLAST 2 is only for those that have completed BLAST 1

B.L.A.S.T. 2  February 8-10, 2019 $100

Transportation fee $15.00

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